My biggest accomplishment during my just-concluded vacation in Southern California and Las Vegas is that I became an expert at using mobile Twitter and tweeting what was going on during my 12-day excursion.

So when somebody asks how my vacation was, I now don’t have to give them a complete blow-by-blow. Just e-mail them the link or direct them to my Web site and there’s the recap.

Perhaps the only thing of note not found below was learning that two of my cousin Mike’s children are now in their 30s. Yeah, Ammon is now 30 too. That was not a good feeling.

But if that’s the most stressful occurrence of a vacation, I can live with that.

Here is the tweet-by-tweet look at my 2011 vacation:

–Shaquille O’Neal retiring doesn’t make me feel good. Kind of like when Nolan Ryan retired, it is the type of news that makes you feel old.
–On positive note, looking forward to TWO WHOLE WEEKS without work. San Diego, Las Vegas & Southern California in general on my June radar.
–Time to board flight to lovely San Diego. That tells me it is now #vacation time.
–Mona Lisa has best pizza in San Diego. Been way too long since I had that scrumptious pizza. Get to see my sisters’ kids Friday! #vacation
–Sharp rally by #Mavericks in huge victory over #Heat. I’m the guy saying series pressure is on Dallas, not Miami.
–@JenelynRusso Thanks! … and thanks for setting up the good weather … 🙂
–Great weather in San Diego on Friday. Had a blast with my sister’s awesome kids. #Padres game on Saturday night agenda.
–At #Padres vs #Astros game at Petco Park. Great seats — first base in Field Level. Aaron Harang pitching.
–Speaking of #Padres Harang, same Little League that has Award named after my dad has one named after a relative of Harang. I presented the sportsmanship award named after my dad.
#Astros Carlos Lee (335) has more career HRs than anyone from Panama. #Padres scoreboard butchered last name of second-place Ben Oglivie (235). Spelled it “Oglive” #PadresNeedAFactChecker
–Sun finally dips below Western Metal Supply building at #Padres game #HeardManyFansSayDislike5:30Start
–Everybody in section laughing that #Padres just announced attendance of 28,000. Low 20s more accurate.
–Saw #Padres win a second straight home game for first time all year. Then great wings at downtown Hooters.
–Just saw redesigned San Diego Union-Tribune. Awful. I thought it was a free weekly at first. I’ve seen better-looking junior college papers.
–Amazing all the info on Twitter about #Padres. Haven’t seen TV or read a newspaper Web site in 3 days. Fans delivering all the info.
–Grossmont Center looks much different. Burger at place that USED TO BE Trophy’s was great. Thanks Barnes & Nobles for free wifi.
–San Diego Union-Tribune story on #Padres first-round picks says Karsten Whitson was No. 8 overall, chart says No. 9 #DoTheyEvenProofPages?
–Had my first In-N-Out Burger today in 2 years & felt like I had gone to heaven. Company ignored my pleas to put one in #Boise #BigJuddsRules
–Having trouble accepting that I’m about to go to sleep for 5th night of my vacation already. Miss Southern CA a bunch. In Vegas tomorrow.
–Had lunch with a top-flight SoCal sports journalist & then had peaceful drive across desert. Now in Las Vegas #VacationsGetRollingThere
–Just looked out window of 22nd floor hotel room at New York New York in Las Vegas & see I’m equal to highest point of the roller coaster.
–I’ll never understand how people live in Las Vegas. It is nearly 1 am & it is hotter than lava outside. #AndItIsntEvenLateJulyOrAugust
–Lunch buffet at Mandalay Bay is $20. Burger at “cheap” place across from it is $14 #LasVegasFoodPricesGoneWild
–Baja Fresh at Excalibur won out. Awesome chicken burrito, chips & drink for $10 #AlsoHealthier
–Heard cheering – turns out a hockey game is on casino big screen. Guess Versus does exist somewhere. #NHL
–Stray woman from Canada approached me & wanted to know why she can’t watch game. Told her cuz it is on Versus.
–Gal spent 20 minutes checking every channel in her room multiple times. She’s not happy about US TV not embracing #NHL
–Oh my! They have a Rubio’s in Monte Carlo food court. Lunch there Thursday #FoundedBySanDiegoStateGrad
–Getting harder to enjoy strolls on Las Vegas strip. These guys & gals are 20 deep on every corner trying to hand out escort girl cards & pamphlets. Um, if I wanted one, wouldn’t I already have a handful from the 20 of you at the previous block? #TakeControlOfYourTownLasVegas
–Oh, one more thing on the annoying folks snapping escort cards at every Las Vegas strip corner: These dang things are LITTERED EVERYWHERE.
BreezyInBoiseBri Eggers to @MrSportsBlog take them!  They’re free vegas trading cards! They can’t legally talk to you, but they would say, “collect them all!”
–To @BreezyInBoise Oh my!! That was hilarious! I busted out laughing! So if I get duplicates of buxom blonde, I can trade for petite Asian! #LOL
BreezyInBoiseBri Eggers to @MrSportsBlog exactly, but keep in mind Ashley with the big stars is worth TWO twin cards.  She’s bustier.
–Terrelle Pryor isn’t interested in the CFL? Too bad, I’ve always had him penned as a third-down WR in that league. #GoingWayOfEricCrouchSoon
–The Rubios in the Monte Carlo hotel is calling my name. On goes the sunscreen & out the door I go.
–Those Rubios tacos were delicious! #Boise needs one of those, along with In-N-Out & sports bars that don’t close before games end.
–About to use that second free New York New York roller coaster pass, then time to figure out where to watch #Heat vs #Mavericks
–Survived New York New York roller coaster again today. Girl behind me must have vomited cuz she needed towel when ride ended & was woozy.
–Now going to go offstrip to watch #Mavericks & #Heat. Casino smoke was gagging me badly Tuesday night. I’m from CA where it’s not allowed.
–No sound here per #Mavericks & #Heat… just music … I see Wade has returned to the court but still don’t why he left.
–Hmmmm – the tradeoff of not having to listen to Van Gundy means I will be wondering what Wade hurt for next 2 hours.
–A woman just asked me if Wade returned to game. I said yes. She tells me Wade injured his hip. #MysterySolved
–Commercial NBA playoffs – look at #Padres game & see some lefty hit a triple. Must be the new guy — Rizzo.
–Don’t tell Tony Gwynn about Taco Bell’s 12 tacos for $10.  He’s been known to devour a family’s worth of Taco Bell food.
–King With No Rings doing what he does best — coming up empty with game on line.
–If I lived in Las Vegas, I would have to make weekly visits to New York New York just to eat pizza at place across from Times Square Bar.
–Packing suitcase. Actually must leave Las Vegas. Heading back to Southern CA. First stop, sister’s house. Later tonight — Hangover 2.
–In-N-Out Burger in desert town of Barstow is insanely busy. I’m order 80 … they just called 33 & 37. #PatienceNeededForMyStomach
–Smog in SoCal brutal today. Can’t believe I used to breathe in this junk. Only clean, fresh air in #Boise
–Some rough traffic through Riverside area & San Diego. Those 3 hours were 2 hours, 57 minutes more traffic than #Boise has in six months.
–Thanks for MP3 shuffle for lively songs at key times: “Little Suzi” (Tesla), “You Wrecked Me” (Tom Petty) & “Little Goodbyes (SheDaisy).
–MP3 shuffle final song before reaching San Diego destination — “Good Girls Don’t” (The Knack). #ItHurts
–Just got done seeing Hangover II. Good movie but not as good as first one. Guess there will be divorce & 3rd movie in 2013.
–Enjoyed sleeping in. Will visit Dad’s gravesite later today, quickie lunch with #Padres radio engineer & see Padres vs #Nationals tonight.
–At Petco Park. Going to be chilly on the bay. Thanks to #Padres radio engineer Dave Marcus for lunch. Dave hangs the star. Good guy.
–#Nationals Jim Riggleman has officially gone nuts. Jayson Werth leading off, pitcher hitting 8th, Bixler batting 9th. #Padres
–Of course #Padres keep batting Chase Headley 3rd & wonder why they can’t score runs. #HeadleyWouldBatSixthInRealMLBLineup
–Amazed that so many fans didn’t take off hats for national anthem for #Padres vs #Nationals. San Diegans or transplants?
–Jacket on before first pitch for 5:35 start for #Padres & #Nationals. SD for South Dakota tonight?
–I just witnessed Anthony Rizzo’s first career homer. Kid has a nice stroke. #Padres #Nationals
–Petco Park still has 19″ TVs from its opening so nobody in seating area could tell if Ludwick HR was fair or foul. #PadresBuyBiggerTVs
–Picked great time to check out LF bleachers view: back-to-back diving catches by #Padres Chris Denorfia & Ryan Ludwick.
–Haven’t seen a fan yet with name of current #Padres player on back: Seen Winfield & Fingers from 70s, AGone & even Kouzmanoff.
–Calling on Will Venable & Kyle Phillips to pinch hit with two outs left in a one-run game means #Padres have a pathetic bench. #Nationals
–Poor Bud Black. #Padres manager had to explain to a sportswriter that you can’t argue HR replay review. As if replay lied. #DoYourHomework
–Only one more full day left per my #vacation. Looking forward to seeing sister’s kids Sunday.Will always love San Diego. Paradise on earth.
–LeBron James not a big-time player when pressure is involved. #Heat close to losing to #Dirk Nowitzki & #Mavericks
–That was me saying LeBron James isn’t a pressure player. He’s off to good start in Game 6 #Heat #Mavericks
–#Mavericks lead at halftime with Dirk being 1-for-12. Yeah, that makes sense. King James slowed down after hot start for #Heat. #NBAFinals
–Masterful substitution job by #Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle with Dirk. Dallas up nine on #Heat entering final quarter. Nowitzki well rested
–King With No Rings LeBron James 9 points first four-plus minutes; 5 points since. Now comes 4th qtr and his 2.2 average.
–Must be 4th quarter. Short bank shot by LeBron James landed closer to Key West than going into basket. #Mavericks up a dozen over #Heat.
–#Mavericks up 10 with 2:27 left. Guessing LeBron James either has already left the building or has someone starting up his car.
–King With No Rings LeBron James comes up empty just like with #Cavaliers. #Mavericks the better team. #Heat not cohesive.Dirk gets last word.
–Where did my #vacation go? Hard to believe Monday is last day in Southern CA. Flight in afternoon. Back to the mostly work grind Wednesday.
–About to head to airport. #Vacation sprinted by faster than Usain Bolt running with the wind. Why does leisure time go so fast?
–Flight delayed so I haven’t gotten rid of my airline travel jinx yet (2007 NFL season was the worst of several bad runs). Free wifi helps.
–I have to say I became good at posting through mobile twitter during #vacation. Not so good at reading & searching was huge waste of time.
–My flight was delayed because a jetway in Albuquerque. That’s Southwest Airlines for you! My flight has stop in Oakland.
–The word “broke” was missing in tweet about jetway in Albuquerque. Pilot claims he can make up some time in air.
–Interesting — pilot change … the delay is now due to “weather back east” & not Albuquerque jetway. Which is it Southwest Airlines??
–Plane left San Diego 35 minutes late. Pilot said he would make up some of that time. Instead, I got into Boise 70 minutes late. #TookLonger

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