It’s OK if you think your eyes are deceiving you and it’s all right if you think you’re living in a dreamland.

But it really is reality – San Diego State’s once-downtrodden basketball program is ranked 10th in the nation in the USA Today/ESPN coaches poll.

That is Top 10 – not top 100.

The Aztecs are also 11th in the Associated Press writers’ poll. That is 11th, not 110th.

Once upon a time, San Diego State couldn’t even see the Top 100 with a telescope. The Aztecs were so bad that I used to wonder how big the losing margin would be as I drove to cover their games.

I usually started with 20 points as the probable margin of defeat. I often decided on 30. One time I decided on 40 and still fell short — TCU won 105-61.

But those were Fred Trenkle’s Aztecs. The current ones under coach Steve Fisher have nothing in common with the program’s previous losing legacy.

San Diego State has a program-best 11-0 start and should enter Mountain West Conference play with a 15-0 mark. (Click here for the stellar team report

The Aztecs have a solid frontcourt in Kawhi Leonard, Billy White and Malcolm Thomas and also are getting solid play from guards D.J. Gay, Chase Tapley and James Rahon.

To understand how shocking it is to see San Diego State in the top 10, you have to realize that Aztecs have never won an NCAA tournament game and were never nationally ranked until last month.

But these Aztecs are indeed good. No need to visit the eye doctor.

Brigham Young (10-0) also is off to an undefeated start behind star guard Jimmer Fredette and UNLV (9-1) and New Mexico (7-1) are also playing well. (click here for the stellar Mountain West Conference report


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