The magic number for Boise State’s football team on Saturday night is 45.

The No. 3 Broncos play overmatched San Jose State and the Spartans played at Alabama earlier this season, losing by 45 points (48-3) to the Crimson Tide.

It’s not often that Boise State and Alabama have common opponents to compare scores. Since Boise State has scored 50 or more points against all three unranked teams it has played this season, you have to think there’s a pretty good chance the Broncos (5-0) will beat San Jose State (1-5) by more points on the road than mighty Alabama did at home.

Alabama had the nation’s longest winning streak until losing last Saturday to South Carolina. Boise State now has the longest current consecutive victories streak at 19.

A one-loss Crimson Tide squad will be back in the national championship mix in early December if Alabama doesn’t stumble again. Boise State figures to stay in the hunt as well unless it loses a late-season Western Athletic Conference showdown with Nevada.

It is probably about time Boise State tops the 60-point mark and lets Kellen Moore throw five or six touchdown passes to bolster his Heisman Trophy case. Coach Chris Petersen has substituted liberally in the second half of games to get playing time for younger players as opposed to continuing the assault against overmatched opponents.

San Jose State is beat up and battered while playing a Murderer’s Row schedule thus far this season. Boise State is the fifth ranked opponent the Spartans have played, joining Alabama, Wisconsin, Utah and Nevada.

The Spartans have never beaten Boise State in 10 previous meetings and certainly don’t have a chance this time. San Jose State averages just 10.3 points per game while going up against a program that ranks in the top five nationally in both total offense and total defense.

With Boise State leaving for the Mountain West Conference after this season, the Broncos will likely never have to visit Spartan Stadium again. That’s never a bad thing.

My last visit to the place was in 2006 when San Jose State mauled San Diego State by three touchdowns. Two weeks earlier, I covered a game at Wisconsin.

It was like going from the top of the college football universe to the bottom in just 14 days. That includes everything from the stadium to the atmosphere to the location (San Jose State plays off-campus) to even the postgame interview situation.

San Diego State’s postgame interviews were held in a three-sided pop-up tent behind the north end-zone stands. Complete with fans and stadium workers walking by.

Felt more like covering a junior-college game than a major-college contest.

  1. Billy says:

    The difference is that Saban was playing his 4th and 5th string in some cases and not attempting to run up the score. See in the SEC you don’t have to worry about style points because your quality of schedule is what counts. Peterson runs the score up because that is the only way he feels the team can be vindicated. Here is a lesson for Boise… stop scheduling sorry teams for out of conference. Your conference is weak, so you need to prove something more than the first week of the season. I mean I understand why they do it. They have a chance to recover later on if they lose. Grow up and be a man. This team is overrated and if they play anyone worth a damn they’ll be exposed. So far they’ve beaten a mediocre VT and a TCU team (who also plays no one). Their last quality win came about 5 years ago. Peterson knows it better than anyone.

    Besides anyone can beat anyone else on a given Saturday. Do it against quality opponents, consistently, and we’ll talk.

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