Who was that silly sports dude that picked San Diego State to beat Brigham Young on Saturday? Can you believe there was actually someone who predicted that the Aztecs would leave Provo victorious?

Is there somebody unaware that the Aztecs haven’t won an important football game since 1986?

Oh wait – am I that somebody?


You would think a life-long San Diegan and San Diego State alumnus would know better. But, um, yeah, um, this wasn’t my first bad Aztecs prediction in 2010 either.

I predicted that San Diego State would beat Tennessee in the NCAA basketball tournament last March. Do you need me to remind you that the Aztecs didn’t win that game either? (https://mrsportsblog.wordpress.com/2010/03/16/prediction-san-diego-state-will-beat-tennessee/)

Twice I went to bat for the alma mater in 2010. Twice I swung and miss.

Final score: Brigham Young 24, San Diego State 21.

And the contest was nowhere near as close as the final margin.

Shame on me. And I’ll share some shame with the Aztecs.

San Diego State had two weeks to prepare for BYU and the Cougars spent most of their one week leading up to the game focusing on finding a scapegoat for their embarrassing 1-4 start. Defensive coordinator Jaime Hill was declared to be the problem – what, did Hill drink a Diet Coke on the job? – and was unceremoniously fired.

Really can’t say whether BYU’s defense was improved with head coach Bronco Mendenhall calling the shots because San Diego State’s offense wasn’t on the field long enough for anyone to cast judgment.

The Cougars controlled the ball for three-fourths of the game – 45 minutes and one second of possession time compared to San Diego State’s measly 14:59. BYU ran 85 plays to the Aztecs’ 48. The Cougars ran the ball 62 times for 293 yards.

Repeat – BYU ran the ball 62 times. What in the name of Steve Young, Marc Wilson, Jim McMahon and Ty Detmer is going on with that?

Whatever the reasoning, it was a highly disappointing result for the Aztecs since this is the worst BYU team since 2000, a season in which San Diego State actually did defeat the Cougars in Provo.

The Aztecs are now 2-16 in Provo with the other win coming when Marshall Faulk ran wild in 1992. There’s no telling when the next one will occur with the Cougars waving good-bye to the Mountain West Conference.

Hmmmm, wonder if the “Curse of Marshall Faulk” was the reason for Saturday’s loss. Um, don’t think so. (https://mrsportsblog.wordpress.com/2010/09/19/curse-of-marshall-faulk-affecting-san-diego-state/)

What we do know is San Diego State (3-2) missed a major opportunity to start conference play on a winning note. The Aztecs next play No. 23 Air Force at home in a very pivotal contest.

So how about I make a prediction on what occurs against Air Force?

On second thought, how about not?

I’ve learned my lesson. Picking the Aztecs to win is a losing proposition.


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