The Weekly Sports Disgrace took some time off but returns this week with a much-deserving recipient.

Since Reggie Bush feels he did such a noble thing by giving up the 2005 Heisman Trophy, it’s only fair that he gets something in return.

So the Weekly Sports Disgrace is back from hiatus since there’s no bigger disgrace in the sports world right now than the out-of-touch Bush. Cherish this honor, Reggie, but sorry – there are no cash gifts that come with it nor does it provide free lodging for your parents.

There are a bunch of USC football players competing in a season right now with no tangible end-of-the-season prize on the horizon because of Bush’s selfish actions. An NCAA report unequivocally found that Bush and his family improperly accepted cash and gifts from sports agents, meaning Bush was technically ineligible during his splendid 2005 campaign.

USC has distanced itself from Bush, which tells you what the institution thinks of its former star running back. Universities normally go to great distances to keep intact relationships with former standout players who possess millions of dollars in the bank account in hopes of getting cash donations in the future.

Even as the evidence mounts against him, Bush continues to insist he isn’t guilty of wrongdoing. It’s pretty funny the length of denial some people will go through – sound familiar, Roger Clemens? – even after their public image has been destroyed.

More humorous was Bush’s published comments about how he was “showing respect to the Heisman Trophy itself” by giving it back. If the Heisman Trophy could talk, I’m sure it would express severe gratitude over the gesture.

The real truth is Bush gave the trophy back because it was a better alternative than having the Heisman Trophy Trust strip him of the award. And when Bush, now with the New Orleans Saints, makes comments about how it was the best decision because it will now allow himself to “focus,” it reminds us of one thing:

Reggie Bush is very, very selfish in an era where selfish athletes are the norm.

Bush doesn’t seem to get it that he wouldn’t be dealing with the distraction at all if he had lived up to the Heisman standards.

The saddest thing of all is that the career of a fabulous college running back has been forever tainted. Down the line, Bush will be known for being the only person stripped of the Heisman and not for any of his great touchdown runs.

But hey, he can always point to his latest well-earned prize – Weekly Sports Disgrace.

We at MrSportsBlog can’t foresee stripping him of this title.


JUNE — Albert Haynesworth, football player. Dishonorable mention –Koman Coulibaly, World Cup soccer referee.

MAY 24-31, 2010 – LenDale White, football player. Dishonorble mention — Jim Calhoun, Connecticut basketball coach.

MAY 16-23, 2010 – Floyd Landis, cyclist.

MAY 9-15, 2010 – Guerdwich Montimer, impostor basketball player. Dishonorable mention – Annie Brophy, Notre Dame women’s golfer.

MAY 1-8, 2010 – George Huguely, Virginia men’s lacrosse. Dishonorable mention –Lawrence Taylor, Hall of Fame football player.


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