I’ve noticed that a few people have landed on MrSportsBlog the past few days by Googling “LeBron James.”

I figured it was fans or critics of the self-proclaimed “King James” making those frequent visits. Little did I know that the basketball star himself was one of the people conducting the searches.

You see, the player whose reputation has changed from superstar to super-duper prima donna over the past few months is now taking notes of everyone who has criticized him this summer.

And he means business too. Just read the threat he posted on his Twitter account.

“Don’t think for one min that I haven’t been taking mental notes of everyone taking shots at me this summer. And I mean everyone!” 5:45 PM Aug 10th via UberTwitter

Since he means everyone, I suppose I should hire a bodyguard immediately. Nothing shakes down a person more than threats on Twitter (I need a deep sarcasm font).

I figure I better help LeBron out with the mental notes. He’s got a lot of online research to do and I don’t want him to reinjure that elbow – yeah, the elbow that prompted all those lousy shooting performances in the playoffs as he and the Cleveland Cavaliers underperformed again.

So here you go LeBron:

–I pointed out YOU were terrible in Game 5 of the playoff series against the Boston Celtics. You may recall you made three whole baskets as the Cavaliers lost by 32 points in your final-ever home game in Cleveland. Nice way to go out!

–I also have referred to YOU as “King With No Rings” on occasion. I later discovered a lot of other people call you similar names. You might need a few notebooks to jot down all the different versions of you being ringless after seven NBA seasons. You don’t get rings for scoring titles, King.

–And that was me that penned “LeBron James decision not must-see TV.” Pretty sad that a 25-year-old MVP needed a one-hour television special to announce he’ll be cashing million-dollar checks from the Miami Heat. Think of this – I watched 10-year-olds play Little League baseball that night instead of tuning in to YOUR self-serving announcement on ESPN. An extra bonus is that I didn’t have to watch Jim Gray ask you questions.

–I opined that we still won’t know if YOU are capable of leading a team to an NBA title if you win a championship on the suddenly powerful Miami Heat. The fact that you need to surround yourself with superstars to have a shot at winning a title tells me YOU were the biggest reason why the Cavaliers kept falling short. Dwyane Wade already has won a title without you so we’ll know he’s not the issue if the Heat suddenly become the San Diego Chargers-like playoff chokers of the NBA. Seems like YOU don’t possess the immense will to win that Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers possesses.

–I also mentioned that YOU have joined former Cleveland Browns owner Art Modell (moved the NFL franchise to Baltimore) as the most-hated sports villains in Cleveland history. Since I saw footage of fans burning your Cavs’ jerseys the night you announced your decision and have read accounts of people taunting you in Ohio in recent weeks, I suspect you will soon have the title “Benedict Arnold of Ohio.” I’m guessing you will wear that name better than any silly ring.

I would put links to all the above comments but it appears you already know your way around my Web site pretty well. Thanks for helping increase the number of page views.

So there’s a quick synopsis of what I’ve written to help you with your mental note taking. I realize I haven’t thrown in any coward references like Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert did in his open letter to the fans so I understand if you put Gilbert higher on your hit list.

Gosh LeBron, this is going to be an awfully long list for you to put together. Be careful with that elbow while your Googling your own name every hour.

And if you get mad at me over this, I know where to find your reaction – on Twitter. I might even accept your follow request.


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