Somehow I think the Dumbing Down of America accelerated after the hit movie Forrest Gump back in 1994.

Look around at some of the things that go on and it’s clear that “stupid is what stupid does” is the mantra that too many people follow these days.

Take the latest nobody after her 15 minutes of fame – a gal named Rielle Hunter.

There is no real reason for this woman to be anywhere near the limelight. I knew some loser lady (second word being used very loosely, kind of like her morals) had an affair with former presidential candidate John Edwards but had long ago forgotten the name.

But thanks to Google – searching the phrase “John Edwards slut” found me the name I was looking for – Rielle Hunter.

I suppose I could sum her up in three words – What a Weirdo – but a first of the month rant on MrSportsBlog has to have a little bit more substance than what Miss Hunter possesses.

Caught some snippets of her on television on Friday trying the whole “woe is me” stuff these shallow women do to try to have people feel sorry for them after their lowlife actions. And gosh, this gal appeared dumber than a drunk Ben Roethlisberger in a small-town college bar.

Can you say delusional? Can you say idiotic? Can you say pretty scary that she’s now someone’s mother?

Yeah, stupid is what stupid does.

Basically, this woman pursued Edwards, knew Edwards was married, went to his hotel room just hours after meeting him but get this – she was only doing this to help the presidential candidate live a more authentic life.


Yeah, happens to me all the time. I’m afraid to go out outside some days because there are women everywhere who don’t know me who might pursue me just because they want to help a guy live a more authentic life.

What world does she live in? Not in one of reality.

Yeah, stupid is what stupid does.

She knew exactly who she was about to fool around with and knew what was at stake. If she’s such a Good Samaritan, why didn’t she pick a homeless man to help that night instead of a millionaire presidential candidate?

Of course, Hunter also doesn’t think she had anything to do with Edwards’ marriage crumbling. Yeah, OK. Dude’s wife finds out he’s been cheating with you and possible future First Lady is vehemently upset – yeah, surely that only helped the marriage.

Follow Hunter’s view of morality and I guess it’s open season now for women to sleep with all married men in troubled marriages. (Uh oh, Tiger Woods is about to receive text messages from tramps all over the country.)

Hunter seems to forget that the scandal – which included a baby that Edwards originally denied fathering – also stripped Edwards of any chance of becoming president.

Hunter said she was just following her heart … if that doesn’t make you want to vomit, then eating 68 hot dogs in 10 minutes at the annual July 4th Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island is the only way you’re capable of vomiting.

Yeah, stupid is what stupid does.

Look, Edwards is an idiot too. He threw away a shot at the presidency over some sixth-rate hussy. The man behind the glossy exterior was a fraud on the inside. Better to find that out via a silly rendezvous than after he makes it into the Oval Office.

Anyone mixed up with someone like Rielle Hunter deserves to have bad things occur in his life. I’m glad the whole thing happened and the cover-up of the child was blown up because the general public has no idea how often political candidates, Hollywood actors and actresses and professional athletes use their power and status to cover up controversial and/or illegal behavior.

Taking time to imagine that John Edwards was close to being a president of the United States has to make Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt turn over in their graves.

Then to hear there’s some type of sex tape that could be worth up to $5 million. Do people really want to see Hunter in even more despicable form than her pathetic television clips?

If so, we need Forrest Gump to return ASAP to stage an intervention.

Rielle Hunter, there’s one phrase that describes you perfectly:

Stupid is what stupid does.


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