Two sets of NFL overtime rules make zero sense

Posted: 03/23/2010 in football
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The NFL changed its overtime playoff rules on Tuesday and I don’t understand why the same change wasn’t instantly instituted for the 2010 regular season too.

It makes no sense to operate one way during the regular season and another way in the postseason. If the evidence – primarily based on regular-season contests, by the way – is so overwhelming that it has been determined that winning the coin toss affects who wins the contest, then why would only the postseason overtime rules change?

Couldn’t be because legendary quarterbacks like Peyton Manning (Indianapolis Colts vs. San Diego Chargers) and Brett Favre (Minnesota Vikings vs. New Orleans Saints) never got their hands on the ball in overtime during the last two postseasons now, could it?

And if Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb didn’t know the overtime rules before, how is he ever going to keep track of two different sets of rules?

Anyway, the rule change is this: If the team that wins the overtime coin toss kicks a field goal on the opening possession of a postseason contest, the game doesn’t immediately end and the other team gets the football. If that team kicks a field goal, then the previous sudden-death overtime rules kick back in.

If the team that wins the coin toss scores a touchdown on its first possession, the game is over.

One interesting thing about the 28-4 vote in favor of changing the rule: The Vikings were one of the four teams that voted against the change even though the rule change became more of a priority after the NFC Championship Game between the Saints and Vikings ended without Minnesota seeing the ball in overtime.

So now that the overtime rule has been changed, the NFL needs to change the regular-season rule too. Two different rules for overtime make no sense.


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