Indecent Exposure — Chargers’ style

Posted: 01/22/2010 in football
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Turned ESPN Radio on Friday morning and heard a talking head in the middle of bashing the San Diego Chargers for their poor performance against the New York Jets. The dude said the Chargers weren’t the least bit prepared for the game.

Figured he was talking about the poor manner in which Coach Norv Turner had prepared the team. Turned out that was only part of his criticism.

The dude then said the New York Jets will be in trouble during Sunday’s AFC Championship Game against the Indianapolis Colts for two reasons. One being that the Colts won’t beat themselves like the Chargers did (Ouch but entirely true). The second is that the Indianapolis players won’t prepare for the game by being out in strip bars until all hours of the night (Ouch to the 10th degree).

So I did a little bit of checking and sure enough, a number of Chargers’ players were (allegedly) drinking up a storm in strip bars during the weekend of their biggest game of the season. According to a San Diego radio station, one strip bar owner called the station to confirm that eight players were at his strip bar until the early hours of Saturday morning. That is nearly 20 percent of the game-day roster.

That’s some way to prepare for a playoff game. No wonder the Chargers furthered their reputation as playoff choke-artists with a one-and-done showing against the Jets.

One alarming thing about the behavior is that the Chargers had a bye the previous weekend. Couldn’t the players have spent that weekend carousing and hanging out all night when they didn’t have a game to play? (Yeah, they probably did that weekend too). But why do it right before the playoff game with the Jets?

That lack of self-discipline combined with Turner’s soft manner – the anti-Vince Lombardi, if you will – speaks volumes about the team’s lack of character. That’s crazy that so many players were more focused on lap dances than dealing with the New York Jets at the exact time when most teams are ramping up their emotions for a big game.

I guess we can all figure out the best place to spot some Chargers’ players this weekend as the Jets prepare to play the Colts. Think places where women are scantily-clad … or naked.

Sounds like “Indecent Exposure” and Chargers go hand-in-hand. The players appear more interested in lap dances than running a victory lap.

Enjoy watching the rest of the playoffs, guys. You’ve earned it.


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