San Diego police look foolish arresting New York Jets fan

Posted: 01/20/2010 in football
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One of the best things about the cell phone age is that out-of-line police officers can now be exposed for being unethical slugs — or thugs, if you prefer.

Got to love the cell phone video of San Diego police arresting a New York Jets’ fan for simply cheering on his team during an NFL playoff game. Since the San Diego Chargers were on the way to doing their usual playoff choke job, you have to wonder if the arrest was ordered by someone inside the stadium.

When you watch the video, it is simply embarrassing. You can hear a Chargers’ fan chanting over and over that the Jets fan “didn’t do anything.” ( That doesn’t matter to the police.

Pretty funny to hear an eyewitness to the arrest yelling “You might have a badge but you don’t have the right to arrest a man for nothing.” There’s a Chargers’ fan seen exchanging phone numbers with the woman who was with the guy who was arrested and you can only hope that exchange is occurring because the Chargers’ fan can’t wait to testify that the arrested Jets’ fan didn’t do anything wrong.

Has Qualcomm Stadium turned into Communist China? Hey, it’s not the fault of the New York Jets fan that the Chargers have become poster boys for falling flat on their faces in the NFL playoffs.

San Diego used to be known as “America’s Finest City.” We can erase that tag now after this sad video. 



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