Tiger Woods gives new meaning to “in the hole”

Posted: 12/12/2009 in golf
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You hear the phrase uttered over and over if you attend a golf tournament. Whenever a golfer is on the green and putts the ball toward the cup, numerous fans can’t wait to yell the phrase.

Even more people compete to yell it the loudest immediately after Tiger Woods putts the golf ball.

“In the hole!”

All this time, I thought they were referring to Woods’ golf game. But perhaps they knew about Woods’ real prowess — sacking up with women all over the globe.

Nothing wrong with that if you’re single — right Derek Jeter?

But Woods is married and had cultivated the public image that he was beyond perfect. You know, that he was above things such as adultery.

Now people are seeing the real Tiger Woods — and reading anecdotes from women about how he’s a Tiger in the bedroom — and it’s nowhere near as pretty as the family image Tiger worked hard to cultivate for public consumption.

Think of  how often Woods said family was always his first priority. Think of how many times he has praised wife Elin Nordegren as his best friend and soul mate. Think about the way Tiger would make sure he was photographed holding one of his children after winning a golf tournament.

That carefully crafted facade has been shattered. Now the nation knows how disingenuous the real Tiger is.

How about changing Eldrick’s nickname from “Tiger” to “Phony?”

His swift decline from pristine role model to sleazy tabloid show joke — Jon and Kate now have severe competition in terms of being the nation’s biggest punchline — has taken the control out of Woods’ golf bag. When David Letterman can bag on you for cheating on your wife, you know you’ve hit a new low.

It’s both sad and funny to see how the biggest control freak in sports has been stripped of his ability to diffuse the situation.

Woods tried to control the situation by refusing to speak to law enforcement to speak about his bizarre midde-of-the-night car accident. Then he tried to control it with a statement on his Web site. According to reports, he’s also willing to pay for people’s silence to keep more details about his affairs from leaking out.

After a string of double bogeys in handling the situation, Woods released another statement on Friday night where he admits to “infidelity” and says he’s taking an “indefinite break from professional golf.” (Tiger’s whole statement can be found on his Web site — not that he needs my help to get online hits — http://web.tigerwoods.com/news/article/200912117801012/news/)

Apparently, Woods has no interest in facing real people and probing questions, but all another statement does is prolong the situation. He can dodge the media and try not to face the music but eventually he’s going to need to discuss it before he returns to golf.

The sooner he discusses it, the sooner the attention will dissipate. Tiger seems to think his silence will make it go away but it won’t. He’s too big an icon for that to happen.

Woods will have to go into hiding in the short term to stay out of the media eye — or even more difficult, the eyes of TMZ. I hear there’s some privacy in Antarctica, save for a few pesky penguins. I’m guessing penguins don’t know how to use camera phones.

And if Tiger finds a golf course in Antarctica, you know there’s one phrase he doesn’t want to hear for a while.

“Tiger — in the hole!”

  1. ledrew says:

    TIGER hater !

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