Tiger caught by the tail — or is it the tale?

Posted: 12/01/2009 in golf
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Tiger Woods and his conglomerate of PR flacks and other bobos (advisors doesn’t seem to fit) are more interested in delivering spin than revealing the truth about the golf icon’s weird car accident in the middle of the night last Friday. That alone tells you there’s a lot more to the story.

And that Woods is scared out of his mind that whatever it is will eventually leak out.

Regardless, his reputation is now buried in the sand trap and there’s nothing he can do but settle for a triple bogey. And now with at least one woman ready to come out of the woodwork and reveal details about a 31-month affair, those scratches on Woods’ face (did they come from the car crash or his wife?) are about to dig deeper under the surface.

The National Enquirer reported that Woods had an affair with a person named Rachel Uchitel — sorry, can’t refer to her as a woman when she looks more like Mick Jagger than a female — and TMZ reported that the car crash occurred after Woods’ wife (Elin Nordegren) got upset about the alleged affair.

So perhaps that truly is why Woods crashed into a fire hydrant and a neighbor’s tree in the early hours of Friday morning (good thing Woods isn’t a NASCAR driver if he  can’t do a better job leaving his own driveway). I’m guessing Woods wasn’t speeding away to stand in line for “Black Friday” merchandise and I’m also pretty sure he wasn’t late for a seasonal job at Best Buy.

Now there’s another woman, Jaimee Grubbs, going public about her affair with Woods, reportedly telling a magazine about having sex with Woods 20 times and having over 300 text messages from him. Sounds like Grubbs has stars in her eyes — and dollar signs — and is trying to cash in on the controversy.

Bet you right now she eventually poses in Playboy for some major coin.

As for Woods, I don’t understand why he wouldn’t talk to police about a minor accident like this. It tells you that he has something to hide about what happened regarding the crash or what occurred shortly before the accident. It is almost comical — not to mention very odd — that Woods’ wife allegedly smashed the car window with a golf club to help get Woods out of the car.

Something tells me she was chasing Woods with the golf club BEFORE the crash.

Anyway, Woods goes to great lengths to protect his privacy but perception often becomes reality. And the perception is that Woods is hiding something since he’s gone into hiding as opposed to being a stand-up guy and facing questions.

He’s about to find that network and entertainment reporters are going to press for answers a lot more aggressively than the golf writers who hang on his every word and throw softball questions at him from tourney to tourney.

I saw Woods in action live while covering the 2008 U.S. Open at Torrey Pines. You may recall he won that tournament on the 91th hole — outdueling Rocco Mediate — while playing with major knee and lower-leg injuries. It was an incredible performance.

But I also saw that every press briefing he held was in a controlled environment. There were no one-on-one opportunities with Woods — as there were with nearly everyone else — and he seemed to want to get things over with as quickly as possible. He also would find an opportunity to make a jab or say something funny off a question, figuring the humorous comment would be the sound bite shown on television.

You know — because it’s all about the image. There are sponsors to appease and nothing matters more than keeping the Woods’ empire happy as the dollars flow in.

Well, Woods has some cleaning up of the image to do because right now, it’s buried in the rough. It looks like Tiger’s private life has been caught by the tail — or is it the tale?


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