BCS wrecked bowl system; now diminishing regular season

Posted: 11/07/2009 in college football
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November is the month when talk about the BCS (Bowl Corruption System) heats up and it becomes more and more clear which teams will be shafted by the poor system.

Either Boise State or Texas Christian will be shafted this season if both teams finish with unbeaten records. My bet is Boise State (which improved to 9-0 on Friday night with a 10-point victory at Louisiana Tech) will be the team left on the outside since the Broncos played a soft schedule and the Mountain West Conference is a much more respected league.

Initially, the BCS made 90 percent of the bowl games meaningless but another thing the horrible system has done is diminish the quality of the college football regular season. BCS defenders claim that the college football regular season is the best in sports but that’s hardly the case.

I can remember all the great intersectional games that used to be played one, two and three decades ago and there are a lot fewer of them in today’s college football landscape. And no quality major-college program would dare play a lower-division opponent back then — now nearly every major program plays one such game and many of them play two.

You see, the formula for getting to the BCS national championship game is to play in a major conference and schedule your nonconference slate in a way that your program won’t be victim to an upset. Then win the one or two major conference games you play and emerge victorious in your conference title game and you are in the national title game mix.

Boise State draws a lot of heat for playing a soft schedule but Western Athletic Conference commissioner Karl Benson and Broncos athletic director Gene Bleymaier claim Boise State is trying to fill a 2011 opening with a high-profile team but can’t find any takers. It’s hard to fully analyze the situation right now until some of the big-name schools that have declined the offer are identified.

Certainly, there are many factors that go into scheduling so perhaps the financial guarantee Boise State is seeking could be part of the problem.

If I’m the AD at a school that is going to sell out my stadium regardless of the opponent and Boise State wants a $1 million payday when I can play another school for half that amount, I know which school I’m going to schedule in this economically challenged environment.

It won’t be Boise State. I need to worry about my own school’s financial pockets first, not another university’s scheduling dilemma.

For a nice synopsis of the scheduling issue Boise State is dealing with, here is a fine column by Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports (http://rivals.yahoo.com/ncaa/football/news?slug=dw-boise110709&prov=yhoo&type=lgns). I don’t know Dan personally but it looks like he and I share some of the same beliefs about the BCS.

Mainly that the system is very, very bad for college football and has turned the regular season into a shell of what it once was not all that long ago.


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