The Doormatt enters the Hall of Fame

Posted: 09/27/2009 in Uncategorized
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Who ever said that “The Doormatt,” aka Matt O’Malley, isn’t a Hall of Famer?

Well, there’s now proof to last throughout the ages because on Friday night, O’Malley and the rest of his 1978 University High baseball teammates were inducted into the Dons Sports Hall of Fame. (

The school is now known as Cathedral Catholic High and is located about 10 miles to the north of its former location. O’Malley and the 1978 baseball team etched itself into school lore by winning the CIF title.

The team was inducted at an awards presentation prior to Cathedral Catholic’s football game on Friday night and then was acknowledged at halftime.

Congratulations to “The Doormatt” on a well-deserved honor. This has to top working at Souplantation (Soooooooooouplantation) and attending Wild Child concerts (L.A. Woman, Sunday afternoon) on his personal accomplishments list.

  1. The Suitcase says:

    As a witness to the many accomplishments by the Doormatt (Chris Murray, Angela Giglitto and the Rhor Corp scholarship to UCSD) this one tops them all. To overcome a life threatening illness and a broken arm , The Doormatt has been a silent inspiration to his little bro- The Suitcase! Love you bro- John.

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