You don’t have to be a Packer Backer to be getting sick of the whole Brett Favre thing.

I’ve been to Green Bay before and had the privilege of being inside Lambeau Stadium for a Packers game in 2007. Brett Favre starred in it too, tying Dan Marino’s NFL record for career touchdown passes while throwing the game-winning score to Greg Jennings (who burnt Antonio Cromartie on a slant pattern) in a stirring victory over the San Diego Chargers.

It was one of the more memorable games I covered in 17 years as a sports writer and I will always remember it. Favre was the king of Wisconsin but who knew then — 23 short months ago — that Favre was going to soil his legacy with the Packers so badly?

Favre retired and then begged for his old job back in the summer of 2008 but Green Bay stayed firm that Aaron Rodgers was now the starter. So Favre was traded to the New York Jets and was a shell of his former self during the second half of the season, making it clear his once powerful right arm had run out of bullets.

So he retired a second time — his best move ever — and really sounded like he was done. But the nation’s biggest drama queen (apologies to Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Octomom) couldn’t live without the spotlight and once again began toying with playing again.

He flirted with the Minnesota Vikings for most of this summer before finally saying he wasn’t going to come back. But just a few weeks later, there he was signing with the Vikings.

He signed with the Vikings on Tuesday and played in Friday’s preseason game. Hmmmm, sounds suspicious to me and that perhaps Favre and Minnesota coach Brad Childress knew several weeks ago that Favre was eventually going to show.

Why do I say that? Because it sounds like Favre spent the past few weeks studying the Vikings’ playbook. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have even suited up for Friday’s preseason game.

The funniest thing to me is how all of a sudden the entire state of Minnesota adores Brett Favre.  That area despised the guy for all of his 16 seasons in Green Bay but purple No. 4 jerseys are sprouting up everywhere.

I suppose that’s understandable when Tavaris Jackson is the incumbent starting quarterback and journeyman Sage Rosenfels is the other option.

But can Favre, who turns 40 in October, produce one last epic campaign? Based on what I viewed last season, I say no. He had it right when he retired in 2007 after having a solid season at age 38.

Perhaps Favre doesn’t care but his legacy in Green Bay has been forever tarnished. That’s the only thing that saddens me about the whole charade.

Personally, I’m hoping Brett Favre doesn’t prove to be the missing piece in Minnesota’s quest for a Super Bowl crown — solely for one reason.

Because I’m sick of Brett Favre.


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