Antonio Cromartie and his bid to field his own football team

Posted: 07/14/2009 in football
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Was cruising the Internet late Monday night and was stunned at what I ran into: A blog item about San Diego Chargers cornerback Antonio Cromartie having seven children with five different women. (

That news wasn’t the least bit of a surprise to me: I heard that same thing last fall from an impeccable source (someone who heard it straight from Cromartie’s mouth). I was just stunned to see it was finally making it out to cyberspace eight months after I first learned of Cromartie’s failures to use birth control.

If you flash back to late last season, there was an article stating that Cromartie’s poor season was due to a hip injury. My source and I got quite a chuckle out of that “report” since we both knew the real problem for the poor season was just a few inches away from the hip.

Cromartie did injure his hip early in the 2008 campaign but those who were really plugged into what was going on were able to tell in training camp that something wasn’t right with the guy. He wasn’t blessed with much of a personality to begin with but Antonio the Babymaker was more sullen and withdrawn than the previous season and players began whispering early that the absence of injured Shawne Merriman wasn’t the lone problem on the defensive side of the field.

You might recall Cromartie boasted that he was going to intercept 15 passes in 2008 but he fell 13 short of  that outlandish goal. Coincidentally, both his interceptions came shortly after he suffered the hip injury against that over-the-hill Brett Favre.

But how can one concentrate on intercepting passes when the main priority is trying to father enough children to field his own personal football team? Former basketball star Shawn Kemp and football player Travis Henry now have stiff competition (pun intended) in the most children fathered out of wedlock by an athlete category.

Seriously, how could the Cro-Mating-Man concentrate on football with so many off-field distractions?

Antonio Cromartie’s biggest thing — “my biggest thing” is Cromartie’s favorite phrase when answering questions from the media — for the fall of 2009 should have nothing to do with football.

It should be learning how to use a condom and where to purchase them.


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