Looking for a nickname for the state of Utah? I got one for you:

How about The Big Waste of Space?

Recently drove through the entire state from bottom to top, compliments of Interstates 15 and 84, and was stunned at how barren most of the state is.  It almost made Wyoming appear civilized.

Oh sure, there were plenty of people in what I call the “Mormon Corridor” from just south of Provo to Ogden. But gosh, the southern and central regions of the state along the main driving artery was just a bunch of nothingness.

I shudder to imagine what the western territory near the Nevada border is like. Same goes for the eastern parts of the state near Colorado.

Next time somebody tells you the country is overpopulated, let me direct them to Utah. Plenty of land open and tons of peace and quiet. Nobody will know you moved there for months.

Spent the night in Cedar City, allegedly the biggest city between St. George and Provo. Yeah, a three-exit town with nothing to do — so how the heck does Southern Utah University play Division I basketball in a D-III buggy town?

And if you were to break down northwest of a nowhere town called Tremonton in the upper part of the state (the place where you must get gas and food or risk running out of gas and starving) the over/under on how long it would take a tow truck driver to find you sits at three days.

But don’t read this and get the impression that the state of Utah is all boredom. Did you see the blurb that the odd liquor laws in the state are being changed? Imagine the progress the state is making — no longer will visitors have to purchase memberships to drink in a bar!

You see, these lawmakers think it will help Utah’s TOURISM by changing these laws (which are more outdated than King Tut’s children). Help tourism in the state of nothingness?!

Now that’s funny stuff. At least The Big Waste of Space has a few people with a sense of humor.


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