Raise your hand if you are surprised that the San Diego Chargers aren’t going to end up playing football games in Chula Vista.

Gee, don’t see any hands in sight, even when using the Palomar Observatory telescope.

I’ll say again now what I said within minutes after hearing that developer Ed Roski was planning to build a football stadium in the City of Industry: The Chargers will be playing there.

Just wait until two more seasons pass and the Chargers can buy out the Qualcomm Stadium lease for $26 million and you will see those moving vans load things up as quickly as possible and begin jetting up Interstate 15.

Even people with half a brain can figure that out.

But the charade must continue because the Chargers can’t afford to be viewed as a lame-duck franchise (see Houston Oilers, 1996, as a prime example of why). So suddenly, Oceanside is again being mentioned as a possible home — this time at a site that is worse than the previous Oceanside location that was deemed insufficient a few years back.

You see, until the Chargers move two hours to the north, they have to keep up the impression that they are trying to remain in San Diego. Trust me, Dean Spanos would sincerely like to keep the Chargers in San Diego but there comes a time when it’s clear that a relocation is going to occur.

That time actually arrived in 2008 but nobody wanted to say publicly that there was no way the Chula Vista power plant situation was going to be resolved. Pro sports teams always feel they can fool their fans with spin doctoring (can’t reveal the truth if it’s going to hurt the financial bottom line) and will go to great lengths to swear their intentions are true.

But there is as much chance of Donald Trump hiring me to clean up the Miss America pageant than there is of the Chargers sticking around San Diego. Look for the City of Industry Chargers to begin play in 2011.


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